Does Your 501c3 Measure Up?


It is essential that your 501c3 organization quantify its performance and share those measurements with its funders, volunteers, participants, board of directors and employees. Numbers are clear, concise and defined. Providing numbers along with your narrative will be especially positive as your organization is seeking to raise funds from private foundation. Private foundation leaders like to know the impact that their funding is likely to have when they fund your nonprofit organization.

Below, we provide some questions that you should quantify the answer to.

How many participants did your 501c3 organization serve this quarter?

How many volunteers do your nonprofit organization have?

How long did it take your 501c3 to reach different milestones?

How much money did your nonprofit organization raise last month?


How much money did the nonprofit spend last month?

How many website visitors did your 501c3 get last month?

What percent of your organization’s funds go directly to program expense?

What percent of your funding comes from the public?

How much money do you spend per individual served?

How does your 501c3 rank compared to similar 501c3 organizations?

How many social media followers do you have?

What is the action rates on your social media campaigns?

What are the success rankings of your various promotional methods?

What is your nonprofit’s donor growth rate?

What is the average contribution size that your 501c3 receive?

What is the rate of donor retention for your 501c3?

What percentage of pledgees actually fulfill the pledge?

What is your organization’s recurring gift percentage?

How much of your funding come from online fundraising efforts?

What is the organization’s financial efficiency ratio?

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