501c3 Nonprofit Organizations for Veterans

Nonprofit veterans’ organizations must be operated exclusively to promote the social welfare of the community, to assist disabled and needy war veterans and their dependents, to provide entertainment or care to hospitalized veterans, to carry on programs to perpetuate the memory of veterans, to conduct programs for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, to sponsor patriotic activities, to provide insurance benefits to members or their dependents, or to provide social and recreational activities to members.

The first filing option for nonprofit veterans’ organizations is a standard 501c3 application. In order to qualify for this type of filing, the charitable organization must have activities and/or services that are helping veterans. These activities and/or services must be either free or incredibly low cost. An example of this type of nonprofit veteran’s organization we have helped set up in the past is a counseling for veteran’s organization. They focus on providing comprehensive mental health assessments for all military service members in need. The services they provide includes, but is not limited to, medication management, emotional support, counseling, and therapy. The organization does not charge any fees and will provide a safe facility, as well as counseling programs for the anticipated 1,500 participants each year. This nonprofit veteran’s organization is able to file the standard 501c3 application because they are offering charitable services of providing free mental health and educational materials to current and former members of the military. Contributions to these type of nonprofit organizations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

Before starting your filing process for a nonprofit veteran’s organization, make sure you understand the activities/services you are wanting to provide. It also is a good idea to think about how contributions will be tax-deductible for your donors. Remember these specifics: 501c3 veterans’ organizations must provide charitable services and/or activities, and are tax deductible.

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