10 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Your 501c3


1. Yard Sale Fundraiser

People can donate their unwanted clothes, home goods, or collectibles to the organization. The 501c3 organization can then advertise around the community about the yard sale and sell the donate items to collect funds for the nonprofit organization.

2. Auctions

There are a few different types of auctions: Guess the Amount, Silent Auction, 50/50 Raffle, Penny Auction, Live Auction, and Online Auction. These can be easily done in the community by asking businesses to donate their goods or services to the charitable organization for the type of auction.

3. T-Shirt Fundraising

The nonprofit organization can get t-shirts made and sell them for donations. Not only does this help raise funds, but it also will spread the organization’s message whenever people wear them out.

4. Walkathons/Marathons

This is usually best during nicer weather months. The 501c3 organization can host a Walkathon/Marathon for the community. There can be an entry fee for all participants, as well as the participants could have the opportunity to get sponsors who donate a certain amount for each mile walked/ran.

 5. Shoe Drive

The nonprofit organization can ask for shoe donations from their community and then send them to funds2orgs.com. This organization will send back a check and pass along the shoes to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries.

6. Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

This type of fundraiser usually works best around the winter holidays. The charitable organization can have volunteers posted in locations offering to wrap people’s presents for a small donation to the organization.

7. Bake Sale

This is probably the most common type of fundraiser. People offer to make baked goods for the 501c3 organization to sell.

8. Trivia Night Fundraiser

The nonprofit organization can host a trivia night in a local restaurant that has given them permission to do so. It’s probably best to ask some local business for donations as prizes. There can be an entry fee in order to participate in the trivia game and the winner(s) can receive the donated prize(s).

9. Gaming/Athletic Tournaments

This can include, but is not limited to, golf, swimming, board games, video games, sports activities, etc. The charitable organization can host a gaming/athletic tournament for the community. There can be an entry fee for the participants, as well as they can have the opportunity for sponsors to donate money if they reach a certain score.

10. Car Wash Fundraiser

This is another classic fundraising event that most 501c3 organizations use. It is usually best to have this fundraiser during the better weather months. The nonprofit organization can offer to wash people’s cars for a small donation fee.

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