Changing the Name of a 501c3 Organization

Organizations sometime want to use a different name. There are a couple of ways a nonprofit organization can use a different name.

With the first method, your organization actually changes its name. First your organization will need to file a Name Change Amendment with the Secretary of State. This will change the name on the State level and your corporate documents from them will have the updated name in the future. Once the organization’s name is changed with the state, you will also need to change your nonprofit’s name with the IRS. This will update your nonprofit’s name at the Federal level. After these steps are completed and approved by these government agencies, your 501c3 organization’s name will have been changed to the new name!



An alternative option is to file a Doing Business As (or more commonly known as DBA) document with the State. Instead of the first option, this type of filing will not legally change your current name with the state or the IRS. This will simply give your organization another name attached to your current one. This means you will have your organization’s original name on all of the official legal documents, but also be able to use the DBA name for other purposes.

Floyd Green CPA can assist with doing a name change amendment. However, we do not assist with DBA filings and you will have to contact the state directly.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on doing a name change.

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