Floyd Green CPA incorporates all business types.




Nonprofit Incorporation Special - $175.  Limited time only.

We will incorporate your Nonprofit for a service fee of $175.  Fees charged by the state are separate (48 states served).  For Profit Businesses- fees are more. Please call for details.

Incorporation Services


Every business and organization need to set up a legal entity.  

Your legal entity may be an LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation or Nonprofit Corporation.  We can set up any of these legal entities for you.


...  Floyd Green CPA has served over 8,000 small businesses and nonprofits throughout the US.

Your LLC or corporation serves multiple purposes, including:

  • allowing for IRS 501c3 tax status (nonprofit corporations only)
  • limiting liability of the business owner
  • Separating business and personal taxes
  • setting up a business bank account
  • obtaining business loans
  • obtaining business insurance


Our LLC and corporation setup is complete, accurate and timely.


More information on incorporating

Nonprofit Corporations

LLCs and S-Corporations


 And we know that you may have a few questions in setting up your LLC or S Corp.  Just give us a call as we can provide you with simple and complete answers about your LLC or S Corp setup.

(no incorporation or LLC service offered in NC and NY)     

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