Tax Exempt Other Than 501c3


This particular page is for tax exempt organizations other than 501c3 organizations.

If your organization provides charitable, educational or religious activities, your organization qualifies for 501c3 tax exempt status and you should not use this page.  Instead, you should use our 501c3 Services page.


This page is for the following types of nonprofit organizations:

  • 501c4 - civic leagues, social welfare organizations
  • 501c5 - labor, agricultural or horticultural organizations
  • 501c6 - business leagues, chambers of commerce, etc.
  • 501c7 - social and recreation clubs
  • 501c8 - fraternal beneficiary societies and associations
  • 501c10 - domestic fraternal societies and associations
  • 501c13 - Cemeteries and crematoria
  • 501c19 - veteran organizations

Floyd Green CPA sets up all types of tax exempt organizations.


Our tax exempt services are client friendly.

  • We handle all the paperwork and do not require any specific client obligation.
  • We take care of all forms, including the form 1024.
  • If the IRS has questions or inquiries on your form 1024, we handle those IRS inquiries.
  • Our service include obtaining the EIN (federal tax id number), preparing the corporate bylaws and other required IRS documents.


Our tax exempt process is simple and clients like our process.

Call us at 877-457-2550 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  1. We'll discuss your organization's programs, activities and other specifics on starting your tax exempt organization.
  2. Throughout our process, we provide you with all the tax and nonprofit guidance to ensure that your organization is set up properly and that your nonprofit is successful.


Clients should know why our fees are lower than all competitors.

The discounted price currently offered is available for a limited time only.

Our CPA firm has set up over 8,000 tax exempt organizations.  We use this experience to serve current clients at discounted rates.


Floyd Green CPA is the best firm to set up your non-profit - WHY?

  • Floyd Green CPA specializes in setting up tax exempt nonprofit organizations and handling the tax exempt tax returns.
  • Many clients are referred to us by previous clients.  This is a great measure of our client service.
  • We'll be glad to share some client references.  You can speak directly with some of our clients.
  • We are a member of the BBB and have an A+ rating.
  • Our fees are significantly lower than other CPA firms and law firms, many of which charge $2,500 for 501c3 setup.
  • The online non-profit services do not understand tax exempt setup and tax exempt taxes.  The online services just take your information and put it into the filing forms.
  • All of our clients work directly with a well-trained and experienced associate.
  • We serve clients nationwide (49 states)**

**(nonprofit service not offered in NC)

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