Buying A Business Guide


This online guide will walk you through each step of making a well-educated decision of buying a business.

Over 20 chapters of information for a low fee of $25. 



  After reading this guide, you'll be aware of:

  - Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying a Business

 - Where to find information about businesses for sale

 - What to prepare when meeting the seller

 - How to put together a Personal Financial Statement

 - Options for financing the Purchase

 - Clauses to include in the sales agreement


Through this online guide, you get:

 - Step-by-step guidance on each of the phases of buying a business

 - Tips and suggestions for finding a business to purchase

 - Description of the documents, associated with the purchase of a business

 - Information on business models for evaluating a business for sale

 - In-depth explanation of the contents of the Sales Agreement

 - A short review of the ways to finance your purchase


Some subjects covered in the guide include:

- Types of Sale

 - Finding a business for sale

 - Drafting a Letter of Intent

 - Requested documents from the buyer and seller

 - Evaluating the business

 - Financing the purchase

 - Preparing the Sales Agreement

 - Closing the deal

 - Monitoring & controlling of the operations


The educational content is well-organized and structured:

Approximately 20 chapters of Buying a Business information, advice and guidance

Complete Table of Contents - Buying A Business

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