Preparing a Business Plan


Using this online guide, you will create a comprehensive, focused and strategic business plan. 

Over 20 chapters of Business Plan information, advice and guidance for a low fee of $25. 


The resulting business plan will be well suited for your business or organization to:

- Raise capital
- Obtain Grants and Contributions
- Apply for Business Loans
- Develop Business Growth Strategies


Through this online guide, you get:
Step-by-step guidance on preparing the business plan
Tips and suggestions that will help you get funding for your business or nonprofit organization
Comprehensive explanation of the various parts of the business plan
Template and guidance for financial budget projections
- Plus, you get a sample business plan


Some subjects covered in the guide include:
-Writing and Executive Summary to create interest in your business or organization
- Determining Objectives and Keys to Success
- Writing a Mission Statement that is comprehensive and goal oriented
- Determining the Start-Up Cost for  your business or organization
- Calculate the Break-Even Point
- Developing a Business Strategy and how to price your products and services
- Putting together the entire business plan, along with the financial projections.


The educational content is well organized and structured:

Over 20 chapters focused on getting your business up and running.

Complete Table of Contents - Preparing a Business Plan

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